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29 Aug

You’ll see I’m wearing black now; I’m very accustomed to it.

But at one point while I was helping with all the auditions, I’d worked with Ryan Murphy. He was always interested in who the person really was, not in how they interpreted his character—he wanted to change the writing to match them. And so I thought, musically, let’s do the same thing. When they’re doing a song, let’s make it so that it’s from them—they’re singing from character; vocal considerations are second. And I think that worked for Ryan; I mean, it helped him find his people.

And at one point he just turns to me and says, ‘Get used to wearing…black.’ Right? So I thought, well, the guy always looks great; he’s a fashion maven, so I may as well.

Well, the next day we’re bringing in people who are auditioning for Jenna Ushkowitz’s part, and I’m dressed head to toe black. And eventually he notices that, and he’s like, ‘Not NOW. When you’re on the SHOW.’ And I said, oh, so not at the meetings; just when—why would I be on the show?

And I thought, ‘I know why he wants me on the show; I make everyone so comfortable when they’re singing; that’s why he wants me.’ And it might be, but his first note was, ‘You hate ALL of them. You hate the teacher, you hate the students, you hate minorities, you hate women.’

So in my own little head….for me, I consider that my character has had an arc from hating everyone to grudging acceptance. Because directors come in and they have no idea that that’s the one major note that I have, and they go like, ‘You should laugh at that; you should think that’s funny.’ And I’m thinking, ‘But, but Ryan said….oh, okay,alright.’ So I consider that an arc.

Brad Ellis, telling the story about learning he was going to appear on screen as a character in Glee. Happy Hour with Ben and Alexander, UBN Radio. (via showthemwhat)

This is amazing.

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So fab


So fab

03 Jul

For a show I barely watch anymore, that sure got me in the feels.

04 Jun 
ROAR~! Kurt Hummel
I couldn’t resist to draw Kurt in this outfit. :3

ROAR~! Kurt Hummel

I couldn’t resist to draw Kurt in this outfit. :3

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01 Apr


What about my original song, do you remember? My cup, my cup saying what’s up to my cup, my cup

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19 Mar

Defying Gravity - Glee Cast

20 Feb

glee meme | 1/9 performances: as if we never said goodbye

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04 Feb

favorite glee characters season 5:  [6/6]

↳ Wade “Unique” Adams
It’s hard you know. Having to dress like this every morning, knowing that nobody will understand. But I don’t have a choice. This is who I am.  

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29 Dec


if you ever think about making fun of someone for watching glee don’t we already hate ourselves more than you ever could

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11 Nov

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